What is this website for?

This website is for educational purposes only and meant as a resource to test your level of knowledge. It is not intended to prepare for or circumvent any official exam. And, well, it is for fun too!

What do I need to take a quiz?

A brain and a browser. This website is designed to run on any device available.

How much does it cost to take a quiz?

Nothing, nada, zip, zero! Althought we greatly appreciate any donation.

What type of quizzes can I pass?

There are "Public", "Group" and "Private" quizzes available.

What is a "Public" quiz?

A "Public" quiz is available to everyone visiting this website. The results can not be saved until you register and log in.

What is a "Group" quiz?

Something coming in v2 of this website.

What is a "Private" quiz?

A "Private" quiz is available to you only. The result can be saved after you logged in.

How do I create a "Private" quiz?

You have to log in first and then can create your own, "Private" quiz by either creating a new one or by duplicating any of your existing ones. When you edit a quiz you can a) select a number of question to be asked in the categories to be asked, b) select the level of this question and c) setting the timeframe in which you want to pass the quiz.

What if I only want to have question from within a certain category?

You simply set the number of question to be asked in the category you want. All categories with zero questions will not be considered for this quiz.

What if I only want to have certain questions to be asked?

You can drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

I am a lazy person, I don't want to have a timeframe!

That's fine! You just leave the timeframe-box empty and the time used will count up in opposite to the time when you use a timeframe, which will count down.

The timeframe is expired. What happens?

You can finish the quiz nonetheless but your result will be "PassFailed" at the most. For explanations of the different results see below.

I want to be asked the same questions as before!

Each quiz which is done at least once will save its questions and you will get exactly the same when you run the quiz the next time.

I want to be asked the same questions as before but I want to change something!

You have to duplicate a quiz already done. Then you can change any parameter available.

I set up my own quiz but want to be asked other questions each time!

You have to create a quiz template and duplicate it before you take it. Only quizzes not done will randomly pick new questions each time when they are run.

How can I register?

You can either register a) prior to taking a quiz by clicking the "User"-icon above and following the steps there or b) right after a quiz is finished and you see your result.

How can I participate?

You can download a template to enter questions you miss and send it via the template/email. We will review any submission asap and put them online if it doesn't already exist in our database.

What is the rightmost icon for?

This icon indicated the financial health of this website. It is the amount of money spend to make this happen vs. the amount of money donated. You can help and donate here.

There are six different possible results. What do they mean?

A quiz can persist of either A) questions and timeframe or B) questions only. When you have questions and timeframe you can

Aa) completely fail by not meeting the criteria to pass the quiz and requiring more time as set in the timeframe, so you "FailFailed" this quiz,

Ab) not meet the criteria to pass but undermatch the time required, so you "FailPassed",

Ac) meet the criteria to pass but require more time as set in the timeframe, so you "PassFailed" or

Ad) meet the criteria and undermatch the time and then you "PassPassed".

When the quiz consists of questions only you either meet the criteria to pass the quiz or not, so you either "Passed" or Failed".



Any of your questions not answered yet? Please drop us a line here!