A typical handcrafted database solution is never completely done and so is this website. Plenty of ideas had been striking us during the planning and making and we will continue to spend money and effort to improve this website as soon as we've achieved a "Black zero" for the first development status. The rightmost icon in the menubar indicates the "Health", which means the current status and YOU can help to pass the time by donating.

The additions and changes to be made in the future (in order of realization):


  • Streamlining the website. Here we ask for YOUR input!
  • Localisation of website AND questions to German.
  • Ability to create "User Groups", to be used in "Group Quizzes".
  • Ability to create "Group Quizzes" where all users of the same group can do the same quiz. This offers the opportunity to compare between quiz takers of one kind (e.g. company staff, peers)
  • Ability to tweet your results.
  • Using Twitter to announce e.g. the arrival of new questions etc.
  • Displaying of your avatar within the site when you're logged in.
  • More statistical mumbojumbo (List of contributors etc.).
  • More detailed results at the end of a quiz and in the quiz history.
  • Ability to make your results public (your decision, on this website).
  • Ability to print your detailed result.
  • Ability to display the correct answers and the reasons/sources within the question.




more to comeā€¦