About trueorfalseXL

The first idea for this website appeared a few years ago when I tried to get prepared to my certification exam. In opposite to the preparations for my other certifications as "Apple Certified System Administrator" etc. I could not find a single source as in e.g. their "Apple Training Series".

So, I started to ask myself every now and then a few questions to refresh knowledge not used so often and over time the cardboard with the sticky notes became something like a pangolin.
When pinning the sticky notes  back on the board after a draught grew into a main job I felt that it was time to change something. Then the first ideas for this website became scribbles and the scribbles became code and the codeā€¦ well you see the result!



But pleeeeze! Don't take neither your failings (on this website, I mean) nor this website itself too serious!

It is meant to relax (well, sort of) and enjoy!


Seriously! ;o)